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DnD - Apply to be a member here! / Re: Deathgiver ...retro pally
« Last post by Feklar on April 27, 2014, 09:00:29 AM »
Welcome back Death, happy to have you!  As you may have seen online right now most of us a taking a break until WOD is released.  Until then most of us have been on D3.  Welcome back and I hope to catch you online!

- Fek
DnD - Apply to be a member here! / Re: Deathgiver ...retro pally
« Last post by fordarkness on April 16, 2014, 06:55:28 PM »
i was on last night avoiding studying for my thursday midterm exam, so i gave him an invite.  ^_^
DnD - Apply to be a member here! / Re: Deathgiver ...retro pally
« Last post by Atraeau on April 16, 2014, 01:55:45 AM »
Wow, that is really a blast from the past. Weren't you the one who always yelled: "We don't need no instructions on how to rock!" or something like that?
DnD - Apply to be a member here! / Deathgiver ...retro pally
« Last post by Deathgiver on April 15, 2014, 04:54:11 PM »
looking for a home..been away for a long long time..use to call DnD home way back when, when it 1st started the oldest among you will remeber me i just coming back to the game have lvl'd my pally up to 90 and geared him thur timeless island best i could...plz whisper me am on most nites..ty
DnD - Apply to be a member here! / Re: Maefor - Guardian Bear
« Last post by Feklar on June 25, 2013, 11:42:36 PM »
Thanks for your application!  I will contact you in game or feel free to reach out to me if you see me online as well.


- Fek
DnD - Apply to be a member here! / Maefor - Guardian Bear
« Last post by Maefor on June 25, 2013, 09:53:19 PM »
I havent made one of these in a long time, so im gonna make it juicy, but brief!

Name: Maefor
Class: Druid
Specc: Guardian, however I have experience as restoratio, feral and guardian.

About me: Im a 24 year old gamer. I live and breathe to play games. I played WoW for about 5 years give or take, and recently took a break a couple of months before T14 ended. I was guild and raid leader for Satori, a 10 man guild who transfered to Dalaran from Scarlet Crusade, looking for some fresh air.

Raiding experience:
I have raided at a very high level, for several years. I began during BC as a noobie when SSC / TK came out, and when sunwell was released, I was part of a somewhat serious raiding guild.

When wotlk was released I learned I wanted to do heroic content only after the naxxramas tier, and so I joined the highest guild of my realm at the time. We obtained realm first: celestial defender (not gonna lie, they sat me for the kill, and I was pretty bummed about it, but it was for comp reasons so I didnt make a fuzz about it).

During ToC we lost the realm first anub'arak kill by about 2 hours to our competition, but obtained World 18 a tribute to immortality (or was it insanity?) on 10 man, the second week heroics were available.

With the lich king, the guild started to burn out slowly. We got the realm first 10 normal and heroic kills, and lost 25 man since the guild broke up after countless days and attempts.

Now in cataclysm I was promoted to officer, and we resurrected the group, as a raid leader we obtained every single realm first available for the first tier, including nefarian heroic, sinestra and al'akir, both on 10 and 25 man. However several members grew tired of the game, so we had no choice but to form a 10 man group instead (the story of most old 25 man guilds).

I was guild and raid leader on this guild, now called Satori. We killed Ragnaros heroic before the nerf, and deathwing at 5% buff (or nerf).

Now in Pandaria, we saw a lot of interest fading. Our overall quality went down a bit, and from being a US 80-120 guild, we went down to US 400 or so, mostly because our roster was very small, and we had little to no flexibility for a very demanding 10 man tier.

So we came to Dalaran as our last ditch effort, but things didnt work out, and people went their separate ways.

All the while, I did this with a rigorous 4-5 night a week schedule, raiding 4 hours on farm nights, and up to 7-8 on progression, without ever skipping a raid (well, I did skip one or two over 3 years, but I like to think I had good reasons for it).

As a druid, specifically a bear, Im used to taking a desicive role, making calls, or following orders, and adjusting on the spot. Besides mitigating damage in the most optimal way possible, I pull respectable DPS numbers, consistently parsing top 10-40 on most fights in World of Logs.

I was the guy who did most research, and suggested optimizations and / or new tricks for our raid group, while always being very vocal on mumble.

Having said all that, I just came back to the game, and Im looking to play in a completely different way: I want to play for the fun of it, clearing normal modes, having a good time, without the stress of having to kill the boss before X does it.

I will still do my very best, but I just don't want to invest 2/3 of my day every day to progression when a new tier comes out.

Other random useful details:

Im costa rica, do speak english obviously. I have a very decent gaming computer, with very little to no lag issues. I run several mods and addons, with a very clean UI that I made myself. Lets me track buffs, debuffs, raid, health, active mitigation, as well as boss mods with some custom alerts.

Im not entirely sure what days and times you guys raid, if I were offered a spot, I looked around the forums but didnt find the information. Im also embarrased to say I didnt find the *please read here before applying* sticky, I think im either too dumb, or its no longer a sticky.

To contact me you can try in-game, although im not online much since I have no guild at the moment, and little to do, or perhaps via email:, or skype with the same email.

Thanks for your time:

Note: Crap, and here I thought it would be a short app, sorry to whoever just read it all, but +1 for guild dedication :D
DnD - Apply to be a member here! / Re: Pheona - Disc/Holy Priest
« Last post by Feklar on March 18, 2012, 08:43:28 PM »
Thanks for the app, I will talk to you in game.

- Fek
DnD - Apply to be a member here! / Pheona - Disc/Holy Priest
« Last post by Pheona on March 18, 2012, 02:14:01 PM »
1. Character Name - Pheona
2. Class - Priest
3. Level (If level 85, how long have you been level 85): Since 8/7/11, with just over 14 days played at level 85
4. Main Talent Spec - Disc, and my offspec is Holy
5. Did any DnD members refer you? (If so please put down their name(s)) - Yes, Basfitheach.
6. How long have you been playing WoW? Fall of 2009
7. Have you ever been a member of a guild? If so which one(s)? Yes. I leveled my first toon (a druid) in The Dark Order, and eventually started a guild called Mercury with some friends where we raided throughout most of Wrath. I spent some time in Might and Magic before they died out, and am now an active member of Solace.
8. How did you find out about DnD? My friend, Basfitheach, referred me.
9. Tell us a little about yourself and what you think you can offer to DnD? I'm 28 and live in Austin, Texas. I've raided on a druid, a mage, and now a priest. I don't stand in fire, and am a quick learner of strats. I also promise not to life grip you to your death... much.
10. What raid nights can you attend? All of them. I sometimes work late on Tuesdays, but barring something out of the ordinary, I will be home and ready to go in plenty of time.
11. Are you above the age of 18 (Yes/No)? Yes.
DnD - Apply to be a member here! / Re: Feral Dps/Hybrid Feral Tank
« Last post by Waste on May 26, 2011, 03:52:32 PM »
Hey Palsi - thanks for the app!

In addition to talking to Fek, try to hit me up some time in the next week as well.  I know Rakkas mentioned that we might be looking for a melee dps/tank hybrid, and looking at your armory is very encouraging (and Rakkas is a good reference!  :-))

I'm also going to send you a raid invite for our next farm night, which is Wendesday, June 1st (8:40 p.m. - 11:10 p.m.).  Totally optional, but if you'd like a trial run and are free, that's probably a good time to give it a go.

Just for my reference, what is your preference between DPS and tanking?

Anyway, I may not be on a TON in the next week (3 day weekend and all), but try to catch up with me and we'll chat!
DnD - Apply to be a member here! / Re: Feral Dps/Hybrid Feral Tank
« Last post by Feklar on May 25, 2011, 10:57:28 PM »
Thanks for the app, I will try to catch you in game in the next few days.

- Fek
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